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Newborn Diapers

How Long Are Babies In Newborn Diapers

Newborn Disposable DiapersNewborn babies vary in weight anywhere from 5 to 10 lbs., therefore, their time in newborn diapers will vary as well. The majority of newborn diapers have a 10 lbs. weight limit, usually starting from 5 or 6 lbs. A baby smaller than 5 lbs.

Night Terrors

How To Put an End to Night Terrors

Night terrors are very troublesome. Though this condition is most common to occur in your children, you can be affected by this situation, too. If your child is suffering from night terrors, you can make a way to help him get rid of this problem. As a parent, your guidance can be a lot of […]

Baby Shower

Baby Shower Ideas

Over 100 fun and new games to celebrate a special delivery! Baby shower games are giggle-inducing, mingle-making, priceless photo opportunity fun for family and friends. This book delivers. *Individual team competitions *Relays, races against the clock *Creative craft-oriented games *Worldplay, trivia memory challenges *Index of games by occasion


Baby Care Tips for Newborn Baby

Taking care of a newborn baby is not easy. Babies need proper care and nutrition to avoid getting sick and stay healthy at all times. First-time moms will surely need to learn the right techniques and ways on how to handle and care for their babies. Most of the time when people talk about Baby […]

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Keeping Your Baby Clean

Very young babies don’t get dirty, so they don’t need frequent bathing but bath time provides a perfect opportunity for cuddling and playing that infants come to relish. It also gives fathers a chance to spend time with their babies. Later, bath time will be part of your baby’s bed time routine, a signal that […]